Childish Gambino Says It’s Not His Place to Explain “This Is America”

There’s a lot to dissect in Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” music video. Between all the historical references and surreal mix of violent and joyous imagery, it’s not surprising that many people have continuously revisited the visual in an attempt to find additional layers of meaning. Yes, there are the obvious allusions to race issues, America’s devotion to guns, and superficial distractions; however, according to Gambino’s creative director Ibra Ake, their approach wasn’t as “cerebral or calculated” as some writers think; their main intention was simply to “normalize” the black experience.

“As creators who are kind of marginalized with our voice, we try to make stuff in a vacuum in a way where we’re not influenced by what was made before us, which usually—in the media specifically— comes from a white world and a white infrastructure or a system that is controlled by white people,” Ake said in a recent interview with WNYC’s The Takeaway. “So even with this video, we kind of reduced it to a feeling—a very black feeling, a very violent feeling, but also a very fun feeling.”

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34 thoughts on “Childish Gambino Says It’s Not His Place to Explain “This Is America”

  1. Childish Gambino is a “Brilliant Genius” It’s funny how saying nothing can say a lot! But showing something can mean a lot. America ALLOW POLICE to treat copper colored people HORRIBLE!!! America DONT CARE ABOUT the TRUE “Indigenous” people OF AMERICA!!!!!! MY PEOPLE BEEN PRAYING FOR AMERICA since OUR 12 TRIBES were SCATTERED AROUND THE WORLD!!!!🙏🏽🌍

  2. The video was about black on black crime as you can see from the video it’s a black guy shooting up other black people it basically mirrors the same thing that’s going on in America that’s why it’s called this is America

  3. I think he misspoke. It's not Glover's last album, it's Gambino's last album. I suspect Glover will continue recording under his given name…or maybe a new one.

  4. I’m sure there’s a certain message to “this is America” it’s genius there’s a strong message and he’s not explaining it. First off, he doesn’t have to. Second, that gets everyone talking about it making their own conclusions. I think it’s art and he’s a fucking legend. Everything this man does, he’s a real idol.

  5. He says this because everyone is making way too big of a deal out of this mediocre song/video and he knows if he just lets morons continue to make way too big a deal out of it he will benefit greatly. You are all retarded sheep and Americas reaction to this video only proves that blacks(and the white left) are despratly looking for racism or a black vs white narrative in anything and everything they can. Bunch of brain damaged closet racist babies.

  6. i get that he wants people to think for themselves and just really try to interpret things in their own way but like when he has a strong message he truly believes in i think it’s important to affirm the points and messages behind his art to make sure the right message is getting to his audience. but i also see how art can be meant to be interpreted in many ways so maybe he doesn’t want to confine people to take only a specific set of messages from the video. it’d be nice to understand his perspective and thought process behind everything though. but truly amazing video and song

  7. Im sorry but doesnt every record label feel like the avengers anyway, everything has to be assembled and in line to get the audience and fans attention, someone correct me if im wrong

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