Childish Gambino’s Manager Says They Can Prove “This Is America” Wasn’t Stolen

An unfortunate side effect of the internet has been the speed with which opinions spouted as truths can spread. Take, for example, the fact that some rando can tweet about one song supposedly ripping off another, then that tweet gets cited as a legitimate source in multiple articles with no consideration given to the fact that, hey, some rando tweeted this. Truth has taken a backseat and Donald Trump is driving the car, metaphorically, so we’re all probably careening toward a complete and total detachment from reality. Until then, let’s give it up for people like Childish Gambino co-manager Fam Udeorji, who has no issue calling out bullshit as he sees it.

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38 thoughts on “Childish Gambino’s Manager Says They Can Prove “This Is America” Wasn’t Stolen

  1. "Truth has taken a back seat and Donald Trump is driving the car"..sounds like a very beclouded statement from a beclouded and biased media group.., Truth has taken the backseat since Man became disobedient to GOD, that is a more appropriate representation of the facts here. All Humans lie (none exempt), even the self-proclaimed-righteous, be good to all humans hurt no one upenders, We are in a generation of deceit, self-righteousness, self-centered egomaniacs, self-praisers, and utterly baseless orators of justice with a tint of bias unto others, lacking the depth of the knowledge of the Truth and what it truly signifies, rather what we want it to.. We don't know what the REAL TRUTH IS EVEN WHEN IT STARES US IN THE FACE. WE ARE ALL DECIEVERS AND LIERS.

  2. Childish Gambino seems to get inspired by different sounds/artist that he sometimes sounds similar/you can easily tell where it’s from. Just like Chris Brown’s dance moves

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