Childish Gambino’s New Track ‘This is America’ Has People on Twitter Stunned

Donald Glover’s winning streak continues with his new Childish Gambino track, “This is America.” The song dropped right before he performed it on SNL, where he was both host and musical guest.

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34 thoughts on “Childish Gambino’s New Track ‘This is America’ Has People on Twitter Stunned

  1. LMFAO "Grooving with children and also shooting multiple people" NBD. Also, I hate how they talk like the KNOW for a FACT what it interprets lol Just read the tweets

  2. ( 3:15 in the actual video ) – The fact that drugs are being used to numb the society and make it non responsive to all the injustices. (that's why he tossed the weed far way).

  3. What people think is going on, vs the reality of what’s going on in the black community? That’s why there is Toyota’s instead of lambos and bugatis at the end. Also him running from the darkness is him running out of the sunken place possibly? Him running from the white culture that made him a star on community and his early rap songs which where targeting young white nerdy crowd, him running from what made him a star to a more serious person concerned about the black community

  4. Dancing could represent America's obsession with pop culture and their propensity as of late to be easily distracted from the harsh realities that face real America and how quickly they can become riled up after tragedy only to later fall into a disillusioned state, the right wing obsession with firearms placing value over them rather than human life hiding behind the second amendment while they hide an infatuation with weapons because it makes them feel powerful in a world where they feel so powerless and weak.

  5. "encapsulated the black experience"… No it didn't. It encapsulated the AMERICAN experience. White, black, Asian, Hispanic, whatever. America is fucked for everyone right now. Not one single race, not one single group of people, but all of us as a collective. We're to busy fighting over skin color to realize some of the shit that's actually popping off rn. If the entire country is divided and fighting each other, the people in higher power don't even have to deal with us. We'll eventually just kill ourselves off. Everybody needs to realize that we're all in the same shit boat right now. So much shit could be fixed if we all could coexist, but unfortunately there's people from all groups that will never be able to let this happen.

  6. Whole point of Childish Gambino dancing in the video is to show how distracted we get by irrelevant shit while important shit is going on in front of us… & of course, 90% of y'all proved his point smh

  7. America created by liberals, f*cked up by liberals. Trash, drugs, street thugs & uncontrolled illegal immigrants. "This is America."

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