Chris Brown Could Get Up to 6 Months in Jail for His Pet Monkey

Chris Brown may be heading back to jail after it was revealed that he did not have the proper

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33 thoughts on “Chris Brown Could Get Up to 6 Months in Jail for His Pet Monkey

  1. Chris laywer is good. That is why he doesn't
    take accountability for ANYTHING .This sounds ridiculous to a rational person
    but Mark is good he will have the judges and cops taking selfies with
    breezy..Even when there is videos of him tossing phones or hitting or
    threatening someone mark can get the judged to be blind and say nah it wasn't
    him fam . i do blame his lawyer for his scandals and arrogance .If your lawyer
    gets a new boat each time you f up he wont guide you in a path..the more f ups
    he does the richer marks get ..he should have better mentors but he doesn't
    listen to anyone even his mom. Its failing his career since despite a 1000
    songs (including his features) got zero awards not even breaking zero streaming
    records . His songs are utter rubbish but he releases many of them and they are
    short so sometimes you download it 3x thinking there is a longer version
    mathematically how is it possible that he isn't at least getting most stream
    esp. Given he is followed by close to 50 mln people? moral of the story…
    arrogant is bad for your personality, career and your pockets.. THINK THINK

  2. Ppl really need to mind they damm business it’s not your life or your child I’m sure bro wouldn’t let anything harm his daughter , they trying to give him jail time for anything even if he breath wrong damm ! Fuck wrong with ppl .

  3. This is totally bullshit they just have to find some way to fuck with him. who gives a fuck about him having a monkey long a as he get the papers n make sure the monkey is tought right so roro is ok it shouldnt matter. Its like no matter how good he does or try to stay out of trouble people stay fucking with him👿👿 talking about tax payers money being wasted on him. what about his money being waste when they lie on him or better yet to solve all the thousands of cases of polices officer's killing rapping or brutality on people👿👿👿👿👿👿. Shit is so fucking sad H&M on purpose put a black little boy in. A racist jungle shirt in gets no repercussions for doing so . I mean even fucking google even had it where u could type in black people all kinds of gorillas ,Apes ,bamboos pop-up but only because they where called out on their shit they apologize in is still trying to fix a problem that was bought to attention 3 years ago . The last time I checked they receive no repercussions either. In had that been justin beaver or Taylor Swift with a pet monkey no one wouldve have gave a damn . but because his black he as to pay the price. sorry to say but thats just facts. Its really so sad that no matter what you do in this country the length of how much you are exploited in punished is based on your race. 😢😢😢😢😢LEAVE HIM ALONE

  4. Oh my gosh…everyday is something else for chris brown like give him a break already. Everytime I'm on the net is something else about him. Why do u guys want him to be in trouble so much like tf!!!! He is being who he needs to be for his child obviously the monkey is not her's nor will the monkey be around her. Gosh man everyday the same BS!!!.!….!..!.

  5. Up to six months…. or a 3000$ or so fine lol nice try complex can’t throw Natasha bae and think I won’t notice there is no chance they’ll give brown 6 months

  6. My sister and I both had pet monkeys as a child it was awesome, know one went to jail this is stupid of them why don't y'all go after Jimmy John that pays 35k for killing in danger animals just for fun and post it we know who's getting paid to look the other way

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