Chris Brown Sympathizes With Conor McGregor After His Bus Incident

Conor McGregor’s infamous bus incident is the topic on everyone’s mind today, with 50 Cent in particular finding a lot of joy in the situation. Chris Brown, however, has a little more sympathy for the fighter, who just lost his UFC featherweight title. When confronted by TMZ, Brown was asked for his thoughts on the situation, and considering he’s found himself in similar fits of rage before, he feels for McGregor.

“We all get crazy sometimes,” he responds, offering more support for McGregor than 50 Cent. On the same night, TMZ caught-up with Chris Brown again, this time showing him acting up once again.

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20 thoughts on “Chris Brown Sympathizes With Conor McGregor After His Bus Incident

  1. Nooooo no no no… GODDAMMIT COMPLEX someone get this girl some FUCKIN facts so she doesnt sound like a dumbass…BAD JOURNALISM… Mcgregor 1st of all has BEEN stripped off the 145 title.. He was recently stripped of the 155 title that he didnt lose till the day after… His BEEF was with anither fighter who cornered and punkd hus boy when they caught him alone.. Like fuck its a hot story but dont be actin like yall know ufc shit and jus make up whatever the fuck you want

  2. Lol get the story right or don't report on it. McGregor didn't do it because he was stripped of his title, he did it because Khabib ganged up on Artem Lobov who is his good friend and training partner.

  3. Cool . Complex . Fake News eh ?

    Cool . Lets spam youtube with misleading info reports to youtube .

    The media on all levels and whoever participate in it is TRASH and unethical

  4. Wtf?! You wouldn’t make shit up to have a story would you?! That’s fuccin crazy to just insert false information into a current story. The featherweight belt? At least understand what your talking about that belt isn’t even in the convo it was the lightweight belt he was about to be stripped of, but had no impact or was a motive to his attacc. It was due to some guys roughing up his man and him wanting revenge. Get ya shit straight. What bullshit…

  5. I like you Complex but when it comes to Chris Brown yah bias. Jeez it's been like 10yrs and yah still stop bringing up Rih name being batter she's even over it

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