Chris Gayle’s 24 Karat Gold Custom Bentley

Gericia International is proud to present their latest project supplied, built and delivered for Cricketing Legend Chris Gayle AKA Universe Boss, the vehicle encompasses truly unique features tailored to the clients requirements, every part and panel was meticulously planned and designed to meet a classy and distinctive objective and allow our client to stand out from the rest with true form and originality with his bespoke vehicle. All of the visible gold pieces are 24 ct Gold Plated, not imitation or wrapped. Gericia is Proud to work directly with such a humble, respected and world renowned individual to create a truly individual vehicle.

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26 thoughts on “Chris Gayle’s 24 Karat Gold Custom Bentley

  1. It's stunning how some people's sense of value runs to such obscene excess that requires only having lots of money and very little intelligence or class…certainly not enough to know that money cannot buy class, even if one is wealthy enough and stupid enough to buy a "gold Bentley".
    A cat in an oven is still a cat. So too a common breed in a gold Bentley remains a common breed.
    Think of how many needy Jamaicans could have been helped with that wasted money. But that would require class.
    Remember – Richard Austin, aka Danny Germs, lived and died on the streets. They said that he worked for blood money when he opted for survival. He did not deserve to die like that in the land of gold Bentleys.
    Selfishness should be a capital offence.

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