Coffee Shop in Oakland Refuses Service to Police in Uniform

A coffee shop in Oakland, California has refused service to police in uniform. Hasta Muerte Coffee, a “POC collectively run, worker-owned coffee shop,” according to its website, cited the alleged Oakland Police Department’s “history of corruption, mismanagement, and scandal.” After refusing service to a sergeant who came into the coffee shop, the business sent a letter to the local police union, announcing that the business “does not serve the police.”

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49 thoughts on “Coffee Shop in Oakland Refuses Service to Police in Uniform

  1. Cops are such crybabies. Great publicity though for Hasta Muerta Coffee though! If I lived in Oakland that's definitely where I'd get my coffee. If I walk into a business and there are cops in it I'll walk out immediately. Every law abiding citizen with a lick of common sense knows to avoid cops like the plague. They're dangerous and out of control in too many communities. If the least little thing goes sideways they'll jump in the middle and escalate a minor issue into something major. Out come their guns and it's "Face down on the ground!" Cops would be wise to just stay away from restaurants anyway. They should pack a lunch and bring their own coffee. Their presence isn't welcome with a lot of restaurant employees. The probability is high they'll wind up with a little "secret sauce" on their sandwich or in their coffee. I'm sure it happens thousands of times each day, but cops are too stupid to know what's going on. Cops think that big smile on their server's face means the server likes them. But all it may mean is that under their breath the server is laughing their ass off.

  2. the business doesn't serve cops because of liability…lets say cops go inside and people are sitting at a table cop cant see there hands, now he has an excuse to shoot someone….someone has a coffee cup? cop might think its a gun…someone reaches for their wallet to pay a bill? cops shot diallo 41 times after telling him to grab his wallet watched him reach for it then said it was a gun….and who needs to be in a coffee shop trying to explain to some asshole that the white substance is sugar and not cocaine and does not require you giving him i.d. because it is common in coffee shops. imagine how much business he would lose because of them

  3. Who are they gonna call if they are robbed. Bunch of morons lol. Cops have no choice they still have a job to do. If they are found to have a delayed response time due to the refusal of coffee service they are just fucked. Which just means a suspension with pay of course.

  4. Here is a YouTube Comment I posted on another channel & my Response. You will see how this Corporate Fake News just gave every excuse why this cop was denied Service. I like how this Video explaines the REAL REASONS people Don't Want the #CorporateRoboPigs The #KillerCops anywhere near by.

    Here is what I Commented on the other video Below:

    I like this very much. Most of the time when a person who is a regular customer is in a business & they are NOT doing anything Illegal the business as it may will find something that they don't like or they will take a Rule that is part of their Policy & try to Endorse it upon someone who has a Legit reason for not following the same rule listed in the Policy.

    What do I mean by that? A person who has a #ServiceAnimal is asked to Leave while a person of an Establishment can have anyone from a Minim Wage Employee up to a High paid Supervisor who will take it upon themselves to have the gal to Refuse Service to a PWD Person With Disabilities without cause.

    As they call the COPS the #KillerCops come there & they take the Side of the Establishment & are NOT Willing to Follow the Rules & Laws that are Federally to Protect PWD who are following the Law but the #KillerCops take the side of the Establishment over the Side of the PWD. When I have seen a very good number of these stories I have NO Bad Feelings watching an Establishment give these #KillerCops their Own Medicine. Next time that an Establishment tries to call the cops on people With Disabilities & say that their Service Animal is not one or they try to ask other questions that are not legal & the cop takes the side of the Establishment over the person who really is in need then the Cop Deserves to experience the Irony. Next time make shore as a Cop that you are more Neutral when you do your Investigations & not always take the employee's Side right before you walk in the DOOR! Being Bias will Kick you in the ASS!

  5. So you want to reject service to the government, ok, but guess what, you were only permitted to open a store on the specific land with government's permission. So if you want to end you buisness right now, you should do that.

  6. the mayor should ban police help for that shop. if they get robbed no cop assistance if someone smash their window no assistance. i bet theyll call the cops with the quickness after all this, talking about i pay taxes, i want my rights lol unfuckingbelieveable

  7. I grew up in Oakland…I just went there a few hours ago to feed some kitty cats we take care of and my wife still works there as a nurse…. Oakland is a dump, a pig sty, a sewer on Biblical preportions on steroids…The homeless are everywhere, shitting and camping like a new plague..It's a mess for all…As for these " business owners" I would think long and hard about " snubbing" cops…Last time I checked there's nobody else to call…With the level of desperate people around every corner increasing daily….You should be handing out free coffee to cops…Morons.. Complete morons…

  8. The Only good cops are dead ones. Fuck the police,punk ass people never had any problems with the police always defending these racist cops. Cops beat their wives at more than twice the national rate, this means if you marry a cop he is two times more likely to beat the shit out of you ladies. I won't list the statistics on how many cops kill or try to kill their wives I'll let you find out on your own. FOH MAN

  9. Damn right company's have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and for no reason that's why America is great and the government can't and won't do a damn thing about it

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