Colombian Drug Cartel Puts $70K Bounty on Police Dog Who Keeps Busting Them

PETA won’t be happy about this.

TMZ reports Colombian drug cartels placed a 200m peso (about $70,000) bounty on the head of Sombra, a German shepherd who’s just trying to do her job and be a good dog. The 6-year-old pup has caused a bit of trouble for the Urabeños gang by leading officers to ten tons of cocaine overall in two separate busts. (About $300 million worth.) She’s also helped to take 245 suspects off the street. Now, the Urabeños are trying to get rid of the police dog with the hefty bounty.

Colombian police have taken precautions to keep Sombra safe, like moving her away from her usual beat of Colombia’s port cities, run by the Urabeños. Now, she’s hanging out in the Bogotá international airport instead, where the Urabeños hopefully can’t get to her. BBC says Sombra, which means Shadow in English, is also being accompanied by additional officers rather than just her handler.

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44 thoughts on “Colombian Drug Cartel Puts $70K Bounty on Police Dog Who Keeps Busting Them

  1. When a dog is employed and you're not. When a dog excels at its job better than you do at yours.When a dog has its own security. When a dog's life is worth more than you have saved up.

  2. Fuck all these losers that glorify cartels y’all cringe asf. They have raped and murdered women and killed families. People that still have part time jobs are the type to be like free el chapo.

  3. Other countries except for a hand full in Europe just don't view dogs the way Americans do….we love dogs more than people….100%…and cats are making a strong comeback cuz of YouTube clips LoL but I don't there is anything America loves more than a cute dog….and money…lots and lots of money….and racism….

  4. The dog has bounty because dey want him out… Of the dam airport, but then again he got re-located to another facility..🤔 so I think that counts like mission accomplished.. let's continue w/ da business 😂

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