Colorado Girl Scouts Are Now Allowed to Sell Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries

Incredible news, Colorado stoners: You can now get your weed and Girl Scout cookie fix in just one stop.

On Friday, the Girls Scouts of Colorado announced they would allow its members to sell the beloved treats right outside the state’s various weed dispensaries. The Cannabist reports the organization had previously prohibited Girl Scouts to set up cookie booths near “adult-oriented” businesses; however, its officials decided to change the policy for the 2018 cookie season.

“(Potential cookie sales) sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and safety requirements,” said AnneMarie Harper, the Girl Scouts of Colorado spokesperson. “Safety is the biggest concern.”

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38 thoughts on “Colorado Girl Scouts Are Now Allowed to Sell Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries

  1. Weed is legal, alcohol is legal, strip clubs are legal, and so are sex toy shops . But there are some places kids just do not need to be. I feel the girl scouts have once again, pimped out the young ladies of America. Girl scouts were always thought of as a wholesome group of young ladies. But now the powers that be in the girl scouts, and poor parents , that care more about sales numbers than what message it sends, put children in front of retail dope stores. I will not support this with my dollars.

  2. Smart business move .more profit in their pockets . That’s all they wanted. They heard how much that little girl make so much in 3 hours they said fuck it .

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