Coming 2 America, My Name is Dolemite, and the Return of Eddie Murphy

One of the most formative comedy minds of the twentieth century is set to return to his roots.

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34 thoughts on “Coming 2 America, My Name is Dolemite, and the Return of Eddie Murphy

  1. I remember when Eddie Murphy saved SNL. They used black actors up and then put them on ice when they are done with them. I am so glad to see Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes acting again. Two of the most talented and diverse actors on the planet. I love how this guy broke down Eddie Murphy's career. Well done and thank you Netflix for supporting and financing black actors and for championing this art form.

  2. Samuel L. Jackson should make an appearance as the reformed robber turned chairman of the Deacon board at Reverend Brown's church asking everyone of the congregation "what's in your wallet?"

  3. I loved Eddie Murphy, but he's not da GOAT. Or Richard Pryor, Da Great Late Redd Foxx& da Great Late Dick Gregory, How we forget bout da Comedians dat paid da way for these Comedians today…. so y'all put some Respekt on Redd Foxx & Dick Gregory name plz!!!!

  4. I hope he follows Chapelle bringing back real, honest, unapologetic, RAW comedy like he use to! Enough of those watching to be offended! Don't like it, don't watch.

  5. I was impressed with Murph in Mr. Church, his best dramatic acting performance by far. And to think he almost got fired from 48 hours for his lack of acting ability.

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