Conceited on B-Magic: This Is the King vs. the Prince – Conceited chopped it up with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his highly anticipated punchline-fest battle vs. B-Magic. Fans have been waiting to see this clash for a very long time, as Conceited acknowledged that it is the first true battle of the best punchline rappers in the sport. He is very excited for the match and feels as though this battle is “the King vs. the Prince.” Con believes that Magic is a clone of himself, but he isn’t taking him lightly because he is a skilled battler who uses the style very effectively.
Bar-for-bar, Conceited doesn’t think that Magic will win a single round. He considers Magic’s delivery to be very simplistic and one dimensional, and believes that this match will truly set their skill levels apart in the eyes of the fans. Con also addressed the 3 minute time limit that has been included in their battle, and how angry he will be if Magic tries to enforce it on the day of the battle. However, if Magic makes a fuss about the time, then Con thinks that he’ll pay for it later once the fans watch the battle online.


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