Conor McGregor To 50 Cent: ‘You Should Have Stayed Quiet’

Conor McGregor has returned fire, taking to Instagram to insult his foe 50 Cent. Just a few days back the rapper, actor, and investor suggested that McGregor cheated on his longtime partner Dee Devlin. Hopefully the two can eventually call a truce.

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28 thoughts on “Conor McGregor To 50 Cent: ‘You Should Have Stayed Quiet’

  1. Curtis won’t say much when it’s a white dude throwing jabs at him but will turn clown when a black brother don’t even mention him. I guess he doesn’t wanna make masser mad

  2. Lol 50 u dum
    Best powerlifters , Best Wrestlers , Best Swimmers , Best Throwers , Best Jumpers , Best Fighters , Best Soccer players , Best Tennis lolo
    best everything are white .. Blacks can have their running lol

    .. okay serious though , Blacks have far faster Limbs (Arms , Legs) Whites far stronger cores and torsos …

  3. Bored instagram beet between rich dudes. they just wanna end of fighting and making money, one big fucking show.
    Ryan from the office: "the world is one big mall"

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