Conor McGregor Wants a Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

MMA fighter Conor McGregor hinted that though he might want a career in Irish politics, he definitely wants a rematch with his favorite arch-nemesis Floyd Mayweather after losing to him last year, according to TMZ. When McGregor was asked about a fight against fellow martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov, he switched the conversation to Floyd saying he saying he “needs to fight again.” The two have had a highly publicized feud even before finally getting in the ring last August. With Floyd hinting at an MMA debut, a rematch might be more than possible.

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50 thoughts on “Conor McGregor Wants a Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

  1. connor pusy has dodged all the fights in the UFC never defended a belt, never beat floyd, hardly beat diaz never impressed anyone. beat midgets 40lbs less weight than him for a small title. really? what has the guy done? nothing.. but run his tapping mouth.. 4 times.

  2. "Yo Conor better "thank me for the fight because If It was for me given the Mayweather the Ideal to fight you' you wouldn't had a fight with hem' and got the biggest pay day of your life' my ldea generate the first fight with a bout 4 Billion Dollar ' with the help of the champ and other's ' but I didn't get a thank you or Compensation' but Im the Original brain because It was my Ideal'but I don't get the credit because Im not In the Spotlight but the Truth will come out. Conor you come from Ireland and you came over here to American and you do a good job with MMA thinking that all American can't Fight.
    The champ young Floyd can beat you In your game MMA but Im not going to tell no body"not even young Floyd…. from the Smartest Intelligent ex fighter ever!!

  3. Punish this hack for not having the courtesy or professional effort in his representation of your Channel and it's Brand by obviously destroying crippling the name of Khabib Nurmagomedov who is undefeated in MMA and who alone by himself is the only man or woman in the history of the UFC not to lose a round.
    The name is murder to read off print ….
    but is grade school to pronounce after hearing it about five times.

    Spank this mtv vj

  4. Lol u lost. Suck it up darling. He's a better fighter then you. Boxing is the real deal. None of this little kicking shit. Anyone can throw kicks, but not everyone can throw a jab as quick and land the jab.

  5. From what i seen when he fought maywether, he definitely dont belong in the ring with any world champion. Instead of an old ass man, put him up against GGG or Canelo. Maybe if Conor's fanbase see him get carried out of the ring on a stretcher , they will be able to get over the delusion that Conor fans put in his head.

  6. Of course he do want to fight again. He ain't going to make that much money no where else especially in the UFC. I think he made his lifetime pay off that one check fighting Mayweather. Winner lose I would want to do it again too.

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