Coolio: TMZ Writer Fired Over Pornhub Rumors About Me – Coolio sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he explained the rumors about him signing a deal to release a new album through Pornhub. The famed rapper reveals that the talk started after he invited a TMZ staffer to his video shoot, and the rumors soon spread to the website.
Speaking more about the situation, Coolio says that the TMZ writer was fired over the false story, and claims that she was treated very badly upon leaving the company. The “Gangstas Paradise” rapper said he only shot a commercial for Pornhub, but there was never any talk of releasing all upcoming music through the company.
Toward the end of the conversation Coolio also addressed rumors that he ran over his baby mama, and says the judge threw the case out. He adds that the judge also considered locking up his ex for perjury for giving a false police report.


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