Costco is Selling a $6K Doomsday Prep Kit

Rising sea levels and a presidential porn star sex scandal could be signaling the end of days for us humans. Good thing Costco has started selling food kits that can sustain a family of four for up to a year. So if Trump ends up starting a nuclear war with North Korea (or Russia, or Iran), I guess we won’t go hungry.

The kits range in price from about $1,000 to $6,000. The latter includes a whopping 600 cans of food to keep a family of four alive on 2,000 calories per-person, per-day. On the other hand, if you want to work on your bikini body during the zombie apocalypse, the cheapest kit has 96 cans of food and will feed one person on a diet of 1,200 calorie per-day or a year. Buyers can expect such delicacies as freeze-dried broccoli and dehydrated apples, which can last up to 25 years. Yum…I think. Other foodstuffs, like instant lentils and instant black beans have a 30-year shelf life. Damn. Who needs FEMA, when you have Costco?

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46 thoughts on “Costco is Selling a $6K Doomsday Prep Kit

  1. Fuck Natasha for trying to joke about this. Even though I like Natasha. I hope nothing bad happens but Natasha is going to remember doing this story when and if shit hits the fan.

  2. Funny how you blame Trump for the current nuclear threat in the world. Hillary would’ve dropped nukes already had the criminal got away with her plan to steal the WH. She and Obama are traitorous globalists. Never forget her “cackling” when she murdered Gahdafi. I suppose you blame trump for the racial divide, police brutality and the banker bailout, too. The left and their lies are coming to a critical point.

  3. Yes bout time this world ending sheez to much evil and females wanna be like us guys ugggh.. hurry up I'm good on that I'm die when it's time fuck living my life like that itrs torture fuck it

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