Could ‘Avengers 4’ Be The “Annihilation” of The MCU?

Avengers fans have had a massive week of leaks, rumors, and potentially confirmed appearances from new heroes and villains all together. Most importantly of all, the title of Avengers 4 may have been let loose into the wild. So, let’s get right into it.

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29 thoughts on “Could ‘Avengers 4’ Be The “Annihilation” of The MCU?

  1. But Russo Brothers mentioned in one of the interview that the A4 title is never used in any of the dialogue.. and Annihilation is used in Age of Ultron..then how could dat be a title?

  2. It probably will. A lot of the people who are so hyped about it and talked about it so much don’t know shit about marvel or even comics. So any little mistake from them in avengers 4 will just ruin it for people

  3. I have a theory about Avengers 4…I’m thinking that the cost of stopping Thanos by going back in time to stop him from assembling the infinity stones in the first place will cause some kind of fracture in their reality causing them to live out the rest of their lives in a different one from the one that’s been built up throughout the history of the MCU. Think of it as a puzzle game disassembled but put back together like the pieces don’t fit and that represents each character and a reality they are now in…

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