Crazy Pimped up Rolls Royce Phantom in FOIL RED!

Bling Bling! A red chrome Rolls Royce Phantom has hit the streets of London. It has a High Suspnesion and huge Custom Rims. So at a distance it kind of looks like a monster truck. In the video you can see it in a combo with a Hamann 458, Gold Bugatti Grand Sport and a Red Chrome Custom SLS. Thank you for watching and Subscibe for more.

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27 thoughts on “Crazy Pimped up Rolls Royce Phantom in FOIL RED!

  1. Awesome and today In Miami Florida I saw a chrome Black Rolls Royce Phantom and the Rolls Royce emblem everything what is normally chrome on cars were Chrome Gold and the back had the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG 2015 Design! I swear!!!

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