Curveball – Slutty Music Video (720p)

She dresses slutty and parades herself around in a location saturated with thirsty men — only to make a show of outrightly rejecting any and all offers of sexual solicitation. In other words, she gains pleasure from overt male attention and finds empowerment in yielding sexual rejection (aka “Curveball”). Unfortunately for her, the male thirst which she so gleefully mocks and rejects won’t exist at all ten years down the road. Pray that her self-esteem improves by then.

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  1. Praise the Lord Respected sister, I am an evangelist in India is inspired by God to send u a msg that u will work for the final Crown a finest Title from Lord Jesus Christ. Many things we do but they don,t look wrong but in sight of God they are abominable. so from now u shall do work will of God Almighty. I know about many actresses in the world they committed suicide or died by sicknesses n accidents because they were not doing the will of God Almighty but I hope my prayer wont go unanswered for u and u will do the Will n Work of God now to get good life in the world later eternal life in heaven Amen

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