Czech Grandma Knocks Out Family With Weed-Spiked Christmas Duck

One Czech family will have a holiday moment that they’ll never forget.

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31 thoughts on “Czech Grandma Knocks Out Family With Weed-Spiked Christmas Duck

  1. Dude how much plant material did she put in that ?.. to get 4 people high to the point they vomit. That mustve been weed with a side of duck, not the other way around.

  2. If Grandma is doing this weed everyday, and one hit is knocking out an entire family, That's some strong weed, and a strong woman. (sans the 3 year old course, cause you know….3)

  3. My holiday story was when I went on a trip to T.I (Thursday Island) to meet my Grandfather who had worked up there and he owed lots of land cause he was head of the construction.So since my grandfather had lots of land we got to drive around in it as well and the re was this mini buggy (Gator) and it was easy and fun to ride and drift in it but on the second last day of our 2 weeks stay we did this made drift around the corner and they was another construction truck there and we didn’t have enough time to steer so we crashed but at the last b fore I jumper out and only got minor cuts from the rocks on the rocks and my brother was still in the car and he didn’t die but he was injured very seriously and we had to go to the hospital to get check ups but he was just fine the next day but was in tears for a while thinking his life just pasted sooooooo quickly (he is 15 and I and 13) an pd I asked for help straight after we crashed, the buggy (Gator was broken and never used again I think) please put this on one of ur videos and give me a shout out if u could thank you (my name is Jed and my brothers name is Izaak)

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