37 thoughts on “Dads Telling Dad Jokes

  1. Imagine having a room full of dads telling dad jokes to each other and having a good old time, when a son walks in and tells his dad "dad, I wanna go home. I'm hungry".
    And then all the dads look at him and collectively chant, "hi hungry, I'm dad"

  2. (Unoriginal just wanted to share)
    Mom: clean your room
    Me: no! ITS MY ROOM
    Mom: ITS MY HOUSE!!
    Me (savage mode): then if it's your house clean it
    Neighbors: GET REKT

    This is just a joke I never did this to my mom

  3. Imagine a room filled with dads all wearing sandals with socks and polo shirts telling awful jokes to each other.
    they belong…

    You'd just walk up crying and be like: "dad, let's go home, i'm hungry"
    And they all collectively chant: HEY HUNGRY I'M DAD

    DadCon 2017

    (Comment based off a reddit post in 2015)

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