Dak Prescott Stands by Controversial National Anthem Comments

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has come under fire for criticizing NFL players who have protested during the national anthem, but the backlash hasn’t prompted Prescott to back off his stance. Sunday, Prescott stood by his initial statement, which claimed his comments were “misunderstood.”

“As I said, I made my statement,” Prescott said, according to the Star-Telegram. “I stand by what I said. I just said some people may have misunderstood it or whatever. I feel strongly about what I said. And it is what it is.”

The QB added that he “knew there would be backlash.”

One example of the backlash: one artist created a mural depicting Prescott as being in the “sunken place,” a reference to Get Out.

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35 thoughts on “Dak Prescott Stands by Controversial National Anthem Comments

  1. He has every right to have his own opinion. The issue is the idiot owner of the Cowboys uses this to bolster his indefensible stance on the protests. These protests are not about the military (I am a veteran), they are not "anti-police", and they are most definitely not unpatriotic. They simply point out that there is, and always has been, a different set of dangers for people of color in this country, and that the players who have been given the most by this country are not about to forget that their success has not changed this set of dangers for most.

  2. I agree with his stance. First things first when you are at work your personal views should remain just that personal. Like it or not people these players when on the field are at work. Plain in simple. If you want to protest about anything do it on your own time and off the clock. How many of these kneeling players have set up protest off the field? Not many I bet. Are the walking the same walk off the field? If not ask yourself why?

  3. I think he's justified in his statements. I disagree with him, but he was respectful and it is his choice whether or not to protest. He didn't say "the NFL should ban all national anthem protests," he just said "I don't protest because I disagree with the manner of the protest."

  4. Man people really be some sheep! Dak don’t wanna be a sheep no more and he gets torched by his quote on quote own kind even though we all human. It’s amazing how racially charged the people are who claim to be not racially charged

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