18 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys seeking extensions for Prescott, Cooper & Elliott | Good Morning Football

  1. The lady & gentleman on either end needs to find another job

    The Jones have also said that there's enough monies to extend E-V-E-R-Y key player they have
    Guess what, salary experts also agree

    As long as Dallas, or ANY team for that matter, continue to draft well,,,
    They'll NEVER be able to keep all the best talent

    If Belichek can manage talent, coaches, salary & win
    So can E-V-E-R-Y other team

    Pay the players
    Billionaires can pay millionaires

    Lobby to get rid of the salary cap
    That's the Nemises
    NOT the players!

    I see why I seldom frequent this show


  2. I hate when they are like “ they haven’t been good two years in a row” shit. Like in 2015 Romo got hurt and they were a good team in 2014. 2017 zeke was suspended and half the o-line was hurt, they have been good since 2014, they have just had injures and other situations that brought them down

  3. Dak is not yet a great QB, but he is a good one. He doesn’t flash the ball like Aaron Rogers nor does he take 50/50 shots down the field like Tony Romo. But he’s in the middle of them- he knows how to win; not by himself might I add.

    Personally, $18- $25 mill a year is good for him. But if his market value, that is based on his record in comparison to other QB’s, is round $32-$34 mill pay the man! He’s a winning QB, just like Tim Tebow was. Their style still wins games.

    Some peeps are just ridiculous in their assessments of this situation.

  4. Who gets paid 1st doesn't matter to coupe! And that helps our team overall. I say pay Dak, jaylon, and B.jones! Now and Cooper and Zeke next yr. Or Cooper now & BJones next yr.

  5. This discussion is so academic that it's become boring for its redundancy. It's painfully obvious that the Cowboys are loaded with talented football players. Players that play the right way. Not all foot
    ball players have that distinction.
    Organisations are rewarded when they at least show their appreciation to those who are deserving. These guys, as a team are (IMO) the most deserving group of players in my memory. Going back to the 70's. Team unity is the catch phrase here. They get it.
    Don't really understand why it's taking so long to show Dak love, I know he's appreciated, Dak loves his wife (the Cowboys) with all his heart. That much is obvious every time he takes the field.
    Finally, maintaining the status quo has it's value, but how can the FO overlook something that they virtually invented, restructured contracts, if it comes to that, but do maintain the status quo up front. The players will appreciate it.

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