Daniyel – 82nd (Official Music Video)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “82nd” by Daniyel.
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“82nd is the street I grew up & Portland Oregon is where I’m from! The last year we been in the media and my city has been portrayed in all different types of ways but this video is Portland! Truly! The coolest mf place on the planet ya dig!”

82nd follows Daniyel around Portland, repping his neighborhood. Features Portland Football Player, Ly and basketball player Lamar Washington –

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“82nd” Lyrics:


No sleep til Portland (x4)

(Verse 1)

82nd baby

got these bitches going crazy

Hit up Kee’s on MLK

I need my chicken and my gravy

I said Twixx where you at?

“I’m in the numbers”

I got my niggas in the back

We about to hit the function

I’m just tryna get chewed

She hit me for the move

Used to ride 72

Now walk a mile in my shoes

After we hit the kick back

Gotta go and hit Jacks

Aye, hopped out the Max

And I hopped in my bag


(Verse 2)

Baby stop sweating me

That’s cups

She dig the fit I got on me

She said that’s doug

Bright chucks, Se bike

Righteous,fly stuff

If you see pink and yellow bling

That’s us

Im gonna bring Addison Rae

To Madison High

Push down to The Nutty North on the 75

RIP all my dogs from the P

Let em rest

Aye, hopped out the Max

And I hopped in my bag


(Verse 3)

I’m from the Northeast

Where Niggas don’t sleep

12 shoot us in the street

Layin by the pork feet

I was down on Sandy lickin Plaid Pantry

If you not from Portland

You just can’t understand me

Im vibin with a Rocky at the Bute

It’s an anthem for my city

Baby this ain’t nothin cute

Aye, this ain’t no Portlandia

Lil homie this the truth

We just tryin to stay alive

Hands up don’t shoot!

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47 thoughts on “Daniyel – 82nd (Official Music Video)

  1. portland vibez chill feel with the bass cant feel mah face high in innerspace just one mor taste feelin so chaste best ta make haste chicken i baste test i did ace kush puff puff paste vodka i laced stairs i did brace feelin encased things i replaced pants on mah waist laxin no haste memories erased past gone untraced tacos i taste salsa interlaced music showcased stings like eye mace mind it do race

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