Dashcam Captures ‘Suicide by Cop’ Shooting in Millville, New Jersey

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Police video of a Jan. 22 fatal shooting in Millville shows the deceased man refusing to obey orders to halt and apparently holding an unidentified object in his hands that he points at police. The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office released video of the incident on Tuesday in response to a public records request. The video is from the patrol vehicle of Millville police Officer Colt Gibson, who was among officers sent to North High and McNeal streets in response to 911 calls from the man, city resident Edward C. Gandy Jr. Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said her office would not comment until its investigation into the shooting is complete. The video begins about 10:48 a.m. with the cruiser moving north on North High Street until it reaches a point just south of the McNeal Street intersection. Gibson is off camera until after shots are fired.A timer on the camera indicates the shots were fired seconds after 10:49 a.m. Initially, Gandy is seen standing in the empty parking lot of a business on the northwest corner of High and McNeal streets. Audio indicates at least two shots fired, but the firing is not visible on the video. Gandy appears to be shot in the chest and quickly falls to the street, rolling over.

At least two other officers in uniform are on scene as the shooting happens. Others quickly arrive. An Inspira ambulance is on scene quickly and emergency medical technicians go to Gandy immediately. He is placed on an ambulance and removed about 10:52 a.m. Catherine Gandy, the mother of Edward Gandy, said on last month that her son recently was released from a mental health crisis center and had been “suicidal” since a change in his prescription medication. On Tuesday, she said she had nothing more to say. Millville police are not involved in the investigation, and Gibson was placed on leave pending the investigation. A use of force report states Gibson fired two bullets at Gandy, although it does not state how many times Gandy was hit. Gandy precipitated the midmorning confrontation with calls to a county 911 operator during which he stated that he was armed with a loaded firearm and was “feeling homicidal.” The Prosecutor’s Office denied the request at the time with a statement that the video would not be released until it had interviewed all witnesses. The reasoning was that publication of the video could “taint their recollection of events and taint their subsequent interviews,” according to the office. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the last witness was interviewed Friday. A courtesy copy of the video was given to the Gandy family prior to its release on Tuesday, according to the office.

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