Dashcam Shows High Speed Police Chase Through Lancaster County

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A Delaware man will serve up to 19 years in prison for leading police on a high speed chase for 21 miles with a baby and the baby’s mother in the vehicle. Ronald Comeger, 34, fled during a June 2016 traffic stop in Manheim Township, and drove at speeds above 130 mph before finally crashing in Dauphin County. It was estimated that he passed 120 vehicles during the chase, after fleeing the stop and driving on Route 283 before finally hitting another vehicle and a wall. After the crash, police surrounded the car, and Comeger used the 7-week-old infant as a human shield. The child suffered cuts to his head, while its mother suffered cuts and bruises to her arms and legs. Comeger was convicted by a Lancaster County jury in May of aggravated assault, endangering a child, fleeing police, and 14 counts of reckless endangerment. On Monday, Comeger was sentenced to 9½ to 19 years in prison. Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson called Comeger a “career criminal” with convictions dating back to 2002 and an estimated 22 parole/probation violations for those convictions. “Mr. Comeger needs to be removed from society,” Wilson told the judge. In court Monday, he said, “I take full responsibility. I do show remorse.”

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