Dashcam Shows Woman Pinned After Truck Crashes Into Police Car

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Tulsa police released dashcam video of a traffic stop in which a vehicle nicks a police officer as it plows into a police cruiser and smashes a woman between two vehicles. At about 11:30 on Sunday, November 13, an officer pulled a 40-year-old woman over on a traffic stop near Interstate 44 and Memorial. The video shows the woman and officer standing behind the woman’s car about 15 feet in front of the officer’s car. Almost nine minutes into the stop, a truck pulling a trailer slams into the cruiser, crushing the woman between the cruiser and her vehicle.

The video shows the truck speeding away from the scene. The officer can be heard calling for backup and paramedics while the woman can be heard crying and moaning in the background. According to a crowd funding site set up for the woman, she suffered a shattered pelvis and multiple leg fractures. Investigators tracked the suspect’s truck to a nearby residence. Officers say they arrested Johnie Dwayne Hunter on charges of felony hit and run and an outstanding warrant.

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