Dashcam Video Of Tulsa Police Officers Fatal Shooting Rape Suspect

** Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only **
Tulsa Police released the dash cam video from the fatal shooting of a Claremore rape suspect on February 17, 2017. Officers were trying to arrest English after a woman said he tied her up, beat her, repeatedly raped and tortured her for two days. She escaped when one of English’s friends took her to get medical help while English was at a family funeral. The dash cam video shows English would not stop, leading police on a pursuit from South Tulsa to East Tulsa. It was never very fast. At one point, he avoided stop sticks officers put on the street, then pulled into a business near 41st and Mingo.

The video shows him get out and immediately walk straight toward officers, Police say English had a knife. English’s family says he suffered from PTSD and that combined with his drug abuse turned him into a person they did not know. The three officers remain on routine leave. The homicide united hasn’t turned in its investigation to the DA’s office. Detectives tell me the investigation leads them to believe no charges will be filed, but that decision is ultimately up to the District Attorney’s office.

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