Dave Bautista Calls Working for Disney ‘Pretty Nauseating’ In Light of James Gunn Firing

‘Guardians’ star Dave Bautista isn’t holding anything back when it comes to his opinion on James Gunn being fired by Disney over old, offensive tweets.

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47 thoughts on “Dave Bautista Calls Working for Disney ‘Pretty Nauseating’ In Light of James Gunn Firing

  1. It's fun to watch a liberal get a taste of his own medicine, Batista is always crying like a little bitch! Liberals do this shit all the time and only when the tables have turned it is unfair to them. Batista= hypocrite! He calls other people out for saying ugly shit but when his boy does it then it's ok SMH .

  2. I want David Batista and Chris Pratt to read James Gunn tweets at a event and try to make them funny. I'm sure once the words ejaculating on little boys leave their lips they will know how stupid they look and why people are angry. the news should read out loud his tweets if they think their acceptable.

  3. I don't now anything about mr. Gun. Besides that's a cool last name. But I'm not happy about them messing with these films. I'm sure changing someone like him would be like changing Robert Downey JR or Chris Pratt… sucks when the politics sink their greasy fingers into something I love… it's a bummer. But we gotta just watch as they adjust everything to their liking… lower class and mid class have no chance…

  4. Damn. Dave really doesn't care to stand up to corporate entities throwing money at him and will gladly walk should he be allowed. WWE entered possibly it's weakest year of the modern era when he bailed.

  5. all of this nonsense makes me sick, kids. Your moral compasses are all messing up! Stop being so sensitive and stop going after people whom don't deserve poor treatment like this. It just goes to show idiot Americans wanna watch the people they've labeled witches, burn at the stake. Giles Corey couldn't have said it any clearer – More weight, you idiots, MORE!!!

  6. Well I guess they're going to have to fire Robert Downey jr., And Scarlett Johansson, I'm sure if we start digging through everybody's pass we're going to find all kinds of non-disney perfect images that are completely unacceptable so let's go ahead and just fire the whole lot and start from scratch

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