David Copperfield Breaks Down His Most Iconic Illusions | GQ

Legendary magician David Copperfield breaks down his most iconic illusions, including making The Statue of Liberty disappear, escaping from Alcatraz and more.

See David Copperfield as part of the documentary LIBERTY: MOTHER OF EXILES, which debuts THURSDAY, OCT. 17 on HBO. The documentary will also be available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand and partners’ streaming platforms.

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David Copperfield Breaks Down His Most Iconic Illusions | GQ


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28 thoughts on “David Copperfield Breaks Down His Most Iconic Illusions | GQ

  1. U were the reason why im a magician today cause you made me the man i am today an entertainer i loved evry special you ever made befor blane or Angel the most iconic for mr that impressed me was the flying illusion where u fly that one i said im gonna be a magician i started mnagic at age 14 the rest was history

  2. @29:12 if you look closely the hoops never actually pass over top of him. They rotate to go under him… because he's being suspended by some sort of cable, although I don't see one… magic wire I suppose.

  3. This dude is obviously a time traveler and blew ppls minds in the 80’s and 90’s with his foreknowledge, camera trickery, and a great “rat trap”. Similar with video game streamers nowadays.

  4. 4:56. " I want to make the statue of liberty to disappear to show how important our freedom is.That sentence has so much meaning in todays political climate. Unfortunately enemies of the state are ripping them down unchecked and no illusion necessary.

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  6. what… i dont get it. the movie ii just gave up on watching has an indian/ black david copperfield. this guy looks white to me. not that it matters. just had me confused. also. so far the movie is weird and boring. when does it get to the magician stuff. the kid growing up with weird disjointed scenes isnt really my cup of tea. eh. maybe it is. i dunno. ill keep trying. movies are really mood dependent for me. if im even slightly not in the right mood i get all pessimistic and judgemental and dont enjoy myself at all, lol.

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