DeMar DeRozan Felt Disrespected by the Raptors During Trade

The San Antonio Spurs traded Kawhi Leonard one week ago, at long last, after months of rumors. The Spurs shipped him off to Toronto along with Danny Green, receiving DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a protected 2019 first-round pick in return.

It marked the end of an era for Toronto. DeRozan spent the first nine years of his career with the Raptors, who selected him No. 9 overall in 2009. DeRozan was the franchise’s co-leader, along with Kyle Lowry, during the most successful run in its history.

It quickly became clear DeRozan was upset with how the trade was handled. He thought his future in Toronto was secure—or, at least, he thought the team would give him a heads up if he was on his way out. In a new interview with ESPN’s Chris Haynes, DeRozan spoke out about his feelings on the move.

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33 thoughts on “DeMar DeRozan Felt Disrespected by the Raptors During Trade

  1. I would’ve have too HES been playing nine years he’s a big face in Toronto everyone in Toronto love him and respect him and he is still a raptor and if Dwayne Casey was still here I bet you we would’ve won bare championships

  2. So the fuck what!!! This fool is TOO sensitive. Tired of hearing this story. I hate when athletes like DeRozan who are quiet on all REAL ISSUES. ALL of a sudden what attention about their pussy ass feelings about a trade. GTFOH

  3. It seems as if DeMar was forced out of the team for a desperate trade. NBA and NFL in this day and age will replace your ass quickly without hesitations. I guess if you're not considered G.O.A.T status. Everybody can't be that but .. some good is often great for memories. I'm sure Raptor's fans will miss him.

  4. Stop crying it's the NBA. It's a business. Plus last time i checked he is the only superstar or supposed to be superstar to be sat down in the playoffs because he was bumming if up. Show you can come through in the clutch and maybe you wouldn't be just a bargaining chip..we all should know sports is souly for entertainment purposes anyway. All this fake drama and bs is just acting. He still rich as fuck so chill out

  5. Everyone forgets all about how Derozan gave up on his team when he sat out while his teammates needed him most. I think that’s why the Raptors didn’t care. Have fun on a selling team

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