DeMar DeRozan’s Depression; LeBron to 76ers?; Chipper Slams Guns | Out of Bounds

When is a tribute to your favorite player wrong? When you shave their face into your head and it looks nothing like them, as one Kyrie fan did. Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds weigh in on that tribute before getting into the more serious news of DeMar DeRozan’s struggle with depression. Gil opens up about his own battle with depression and explains why athletes are so reluctant to admit they need help. Next, the OOB team discusses the billboards a Pennsylvania company put up in Cleveland to lure LeBron to the 76ers, and Hibachi turns the heat way up on Philly and its jawns. After a Cavs fan racially taunted Spurs guard Patty Mills, the crew cooks up some ways that teams and the NBA can deal with bigoted clowns like this. Gil being Gil, his reaction to the incident and racism generally may surprise you. Finally, Hall of Fame-bound former Atlanta Braves third baseman and hunting enthusiast Chipper Jones coming out against assault weapons, the guys talk about the reasons athletes own guns, and Gil shares the amazing story of his personal gun collection. No pun intended, it will blow your mind!

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49 thoughts on “DeMar DeRozan’s Depression; LeBron to 76ers?; Chipper Slams Guns | Out of Bounds

  1. LBJ always said he loved the Sixers and AI growing up…Ben Simmons is his lightweight protege…Embiid is a Big that will make the game easier on LeBron…They have the money and can bring in one more talent to fit….Also Collangelo and Olympic tie…Also Philly is one of the 5 major markets…Sixers as a Franchise is a top 10 franchise in NBA history Easily…shitting on Philly is lame…but he didn't have a real argument.

    LeBron isn't likely to go to Sixers, but if he did he would still be a Championship contender…LeBron and Simmons can start together (A Problem) and with Embiid they add two reliable shooters to that line up…(A Problem)…Have cap room to sing another star (Tough to know who that would be this summer)

  2. DeMare depressed after seeing all the extra money in taxes and such he gets robbed of? But really money doesn't equal happiness or health and we've seen this over and over, but new fools still think money will complete their life.

  3. 13:50

    “1-4 Flat, he’s weak”

    jesus christ habachi ur so cold lmao

    bro I remember when Gil put up that game winner and then just turned around and put his hands up before it even went it. One of the most iconic moments in basketball for me. I’ll always remember that

  4. It’s kind of weird how Gilbert Arenas is so amazing at this. For some reason you respect his views on basketball, the life of a basketball player, and the tendencies of the league in the sports world. Complex better sign this guy to some kind of a crazy deal otherwise he’s gone soon

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