Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His Bad Boy Image, Madonna, Donald Trump, Locker Room Stories + More

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45 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His Bad Boy Image, Madonna, Donald Trump, Locker Room Stories + More

  1. Dennis looks like he stinks, but you meet him in real life and he smells great lol…got to meet him as a kid while he was on the Pistons and got his autograph at my parents house til this day

  2. His parents greatest failure was not giving him a knowledge and love for his African self. You see how dysfunctional he became when remembering a racist incident ….. and his willingness to talk honestly about everything else except for the presidents racist history and comments. Racism / white supremacy is the greatest form of wickedness on the planet and our failure to recognize how it psychologically destroys Blacks while simultaneously uplifts whites is very dangerous to every African.

  3. Man when he started breaking down trying to tell that park story towards the end my eye's started to water..
    Such a genuine person has so much pain, Much respect for Dennis Rodman.

  4. What a great interview. I have never been able to look at his face and it makes me now wonder why. This interview I watched entirely and thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak. Dennis, if you believe in God then let go, Imagine if he didnt let go of some of things you did :). GM lived on Alaska… manny_txtx (IG)

  5. You can feel the Earth energy in this interview Taurus (Dennis), Virgo (Envy) and Capricorn (Angela Yee). What made him be so free coming up? Being around his sisters …meh. I don’t believe half of what he’s saying. Some of this is exaggeration, except for the latter portion of the interview.

    I love the WBNA games. I agree with Dennis.

  6. Dennis is a good dude but his ignorance and naivety is upsetting, hearing how untrained to racism he is in his personal life and in his "friendship" with Trump.

    For a man who is supposed to be such a good and loving dude and not see the hate and division Trump has pushed is ridiculous.

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