Denzel Curry on Florida Rap, Social Media Antics, and Wanting Grammys

In pursuit of his magnum opus, Denzel Curry remains confident, focused, and hilarious as f*ck.

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40 thoughts on “Denzel Curry on Florida Rap, Social Media Antics, and Wanting Grammys

  1. My last name is Milton
    Just like the governor
    Might know him by the one who lost his paradise/
    Purchased from the Nola
    On a path to Twoegg, Florida
    At least that’s what I read,
    don’t mean to have a bias.
    I’m writing you this letter,
    Simply because I owe ya.
    Imma tolchock me a malchick
    If ya can’t afford it.
    A sit down and a listen
    Because i’m tired of this ruckus…

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