Derrick Rose’s Leaked Adidas Contract Reveals How Much He’s Still Getting Paid Off Deal

You’d be hard-pressed to find another professional athlete who has experienced a more high-profile rise-and-fall over the last decade than Derrick Rose. The former No. 1 overall pick went from being the youngest MVP in NBA history—who led his hometown team, the Bulls, to the Conference Finals at the age of just 22— to becoming a reserve for the Cavaliers who occasionally skips out on his team midseason without much explanation. The main culprit behind this transformation for the worse was a string of injuries that hampered Rose’s ability to stay on the court. But according to a pretty shocking new Sports Illustrated report, Rose’s fall from grace hasn’t hurt his pocketbook much, as it appears as though he has continued to rake in a ridiculous amount of money from Adidas despite his lack of production in recent seasons.

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50 thoughts on “Derrick Rose’s Leaked Adidas Contract Reveals How Much He’s Still Getting Paid Off Deal

  1. Adidas is actually likely to keep paying Rose because of his huge, and I mean HUGE, fanbase, especially in China. Adidas makes so much money from Derrick Rose's endorsements because of how much fans across the world love him.

  2. He doesn't care about fuckin money because he's got the FUCKIN money.

    Let him have 200 bucks in his account and bills averaging 3k a month.

    FUCKIN assholrs

  3. Derrick Rose and his agent finessed the shit out of adidas, shout out to his agent for securing the bag for Rose, even if they try to get out of the deal he done already made millions off them

  4. Its not thnx to adidas its thnx to drose is the shit n adidas tried to take advantage and use rose to make money but drose dont give a fuck boit that money but if they tried to bs him hell sue the shit outta adidas. Adidas dont take it personal its just business

  5. In the famous words of Detroit's own Jalen Rose and I quote " In life or never get what you feel you get what you have the leverage to negotiate." End of story. Do you Derrick Rose!

  6. now this man just stated Rose is getting 185 mil. and Kawhi is getting 20 mil. and Rose isn't even peak. don't y'all think Kawhi is worth that if not the same. and they say something about the rep for shoe has to be vocal because Kawhi doesn't say much. when have we ever heard Rose be vocal ? I rest my case.

  7. D Rose took care of all his fucking peeps !!!!!! tho ! Facts Damn !
    I think that Deal gives D ROse a little leverage in the league, Addidas put pressure on the league to make sure he got 1 of those 500 spots. Too much of an investment to keep paying him if he retired. So as long as he wants/can play he will prob have a spot next few years.

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