Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead Tuesday morning in her Upper East Side apartment, according to TMZ.

New York Daily News reports that Spade was found by her housekeeper in her home on Park Ave. near E. 77th St. at about 10:20 a.m. Police sources say the 55-year-old hung herself in an apparent suicide. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to the Associated Press, law enforcement officials say Spade left a note at the scene. Officials have not been authorized to divulge details of an ongoing investigation, and claimed they didn’t know what the note said. TMZ reports the note was addressed to Spade’s 13-year-old daughter.

Kate Spade New York, the fashion business named after Spade, currently has more than 140 retail shops and around the U.S., and more than 175 worldwide.

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40 thoughts on “Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

  1. first no suicide not, and second Kate sold Kate Spade in 2007 not 2017, she went on a decade hiatus for family and returned to the fashion world in 2016 with her new brand Frances Valentine footwear, handbag, and accessories. In the wake of Kate Spades and Anthony's death, suicide prevention is a heavy need in America, and the suicide hotline has jumped up to 25%.

  2. The Almighty Creator provided wealth, health, ideas and fame for this woman, yet she never did appreciated any of those blessings, and as a consequence she has brought cursed upon herself. This woman left this world without having a slightest idea where she came from, why she was here, and where she was going after here. Majority of the humans who come to this world leave as a loser.

  3. It seems all these suicides have one connection, they either worked with the Clintons or criticised them……..what are the odds? Search Clinton body count, it seems it detrimental to your health to be involved with the clintons….

  4. Can't help but wonder if the Clintons are behind this somehow. After all, there's a string of "suicides" surrounding them. Did she know something she was about to share with the world about them? God knows they're more shady than a back yard.

  5. How high was the doorknob? I swear I read an article saying she hung herself in a closet.

    Edit: She's so damn selfish. She didn't care how anyone else feel not even her own family, smh.

  6. Depression is the worst thing to ever go thru Rest In Peace to everyone who suffered from this dark dark dark issue . Never judge anyone you don’t ever know what somebody battles mentally everyday .

  7. I feel so bad. Yet I understand it. As a 20 year veteran 911 dispatcher I spent my life protecting life, I never thought Of taking my own life until recently.. Only to reach my 40’s and want mine to end- why, nothing more than financial debt to the tune of 50k. I thought I was living a good life, on credit, no one to blame but myself truly. I have Lived a good life I suppose, least secure. I have but a small NY home, not much to smile at but mine my entire life and now I risk it all for bankruptcy. I have been fortunate to be so many’s ‘angel’ in their time of need, I stupidly thought it was good karma. I WILL return to work, if not to save a life but to at least be that last voice of care people need, in my heart it’ll be me that is hurting and thankfully they’ll never know. Money; how amazing that I’m sure she had all the money she needed and yet ended her life. Then there is the opposite, when such little money is the reason lives end. I know it’s selfish, but it’s proof that all along there is never one way to be secure. One can be rich and one can be poor. God bless you all, remember to take the time to take care of one another. Xoxoxo RIP Mrs. Spade! God bless…..

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