Detroit Radio Show Hosts Vow to Stop Playing Kanye West Songs

One Detroit radio station has had enough of Kanye West, and they started a campaign to do something about it.

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47 thoughts on “Detroit Radio Show Hosts Vow to Stop Playing Kanye West Songs

  1. People are so naive i swear lol do a little research before taking sides please. Slavery in America started in 1619 and was abolished in the 13th amendment in 1865 thats less than 250 years. 400 years Mr.West is talking about modern day slavery of self-victimization and how it's super counterproductive to bestow among the youth. Imagine the majority telling young kids that no matter how hard they work and how talented they are, they wont get nowhere in life. Go watch Harrison Bergeron its free on youtube only half an hour.

  2. Fraizer said let us know in the comments…well, you asked for it.

    In a 2016 article written by Fraizer, titled 50 best rap albums of 2016 (Kanye was #4) he quotes another member of complex staff-

    It’s those moments of genius, taken together, that make Kanye, still, the most compelling rapper in the game. —Brendan Klinkenberg

    Fraizer, don’t give me that backtracking , follow the masses, crap. You and the rest of compLex knew Kanye’s support of trump in 2015.

  3. This is what Kanye was talkin bout. Mental Slavery, you either side with the left or you're a racist, and thus should be excluded/avoided/erased all together. I guess the real Nazi's always have been & forever be on the left.

  4. Any entertainer with any type of funding are the equivalent of talent show artist or hype men. Why do you think so many artist like Kanye and Jay-Z say they don't write? Ask them when they are not acting and they might tell you they use a G-Pen. Music is like Hustle & Flow except Heisenberg from Breaking Bad and Terrence Howard's character write everything!

  5. So they'll continue to play rappers that encourage killing, irrational spending and drug use which harms the community but wont play kanye because he says mental slavery is a choice. Okay.

  6. First of all Detroit is in mad Max times. They don't matter. They won't even play fire alarms when the city burns. Second of all …Frazier is the type of nigga to push corporate political philosophies for a paycheck so he can sponsor his favorite twitch streamer he considers his "shawty".

  7. Lmao #mutekanye ? R u serious? How hypocritical can u be. Literally trying to start a trend against someone because they have a different opinion. Honestly all of u keep it up because ur just making ur selves look dumber and dumber

  8. I personally wouldn’t have done that should I have been in that situation but if they don’t want to play his music or talk about him that’s completely up to them I’m not gonna tell them what to do or how to run their station which I have no part of.

  9. What ever happen to the idea of tolerance? You know how many conservatives like myself who listen to hip hop and rap. We listen because it’s good music not because of political views. It’s okay to disagree on things. I guess liberals who were the ones preaching tolerance at one point are incapable of it, which is why we now have #mutekanye

  10. Honestly, kanye has made some fire music in his career, but…this shit is getting way out of hand; the man assumes himself to be some genius and gift to this earth when he is far from it. At best, he’s a great artist and producer. At worst, he’s diluting the minds of the people who praise him as the self-appointed god that he is and leading a mass of people astray. Honestly, fuck kanye west.

  11. The people hating on Ye now were the same ones saying “pray for Kanye” and “Hiphop needs Kanye West” a few months ago stop sucking him over his words cause that’s exactly what they are WORDS, and when Kanye actually explained himself it made sense on why he likes Trump I’m not saying Trump is a great person but Kanye was basically doing what he’s been doing for years comparing himself to world leaders fucking soft ass niggas I swear

  12. People be damn snowflakes. I don't like Trump either but to hate Kanye because he chooses to support a controversial person is damn childish and none of our business to judge.

  13. This is what liberals do. They punish people for having their own opinions. Be part of the liberal black mob or you will be silenced. Must drive them crazy that Trump is ending the Korean war and unemployment is the lowest since 2000. Obama did nothing for black people. Chicago and Baltimore have been run by democrats for 40 year and they are shit holes. Black unemployment is the lowest EVER. But you fools listen to these dumb ass DJs 'cuz they must have it all figured out. lol Dumb ass sheeple.

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