Did Ben Simmons Dump Tinashe for Kendall Jenner?

You may have spent the evening focused on the diss triangle between Drake, Quentin Miller, and Pusha-T. But another famous trio was making headlines too, as rumors swirled that Ben Simmons has broken up with Tinashe and rebounded with none other than Kendall Jenner.

What makes this new coupling even stranger is that last week, rumors emerged that the Philadelphia 76ers rookie dumped Tinashe because she was on some “Kardashian shit,” like “calling up paparazzi.”

If these new dating rumors are true, then perhaps Simmons didn’t want less Kardashian shit, but more.

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28 thoughts on “Did Ben Simmons Dump Tinashe for Kendall Jenner?

  1. Kendle woudnt even know about him if it wasnt for tinashe like thats what I dont like them kardashian/jenners thinks they entiled to anything but we dont know completely I'm riding on what I know theyve done in the past

  2. You ugly black mamba, need to know she’s too fucking old for Simmons. She stated Blake griffin, why in the fuck would Simmons go out with her. Stop fucking spreading rumors. Simmons needs to say he ain’t doing shit with that thing.

  3. He’s too fucking young stop fucking trying to take advantage of Ben Simmons cause he’s young . You bitch. Leave him alone. Don’t take Simmons advantage. Trying to ruin Ben Simmons career.

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