Diddy Plans To Offer H&M Child Model a $1M Contract

Earlier this week H&M received backlash for showcasing a young black child on its website wearing a hoodie that read ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.’ Now, it’s being rumored that Diddy is planning to offer the model a very valuable contract.

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36 thoughts on “Diddy Plans To Offer H&M Child Model a $1M Contract

  1. Diddy , please stopp immediatly this 1millions deal with that ignorant Teresa Mango, please again , don't make a PROMOTION of Mediocrity, Stupidity, Nonsense. don't be a Sponsor of a new worst Start-up Buisiness. Stop now ! If not you are going to see over millions idiot african famillies to try their lucky with the worst modell publicity number you never see , expecting to get this 1 million $ jackpot from you, i know very well their mentalty. Again, again Diddy don't try to open this " PANDORE BOXE " it will be an epidemy, a dangerous contamination , more than EBOLA. Sorry for my english, i do speak normaly French but in this case , i force myself to clear my point of view, it is an emergency case.Thanks
    you so much.

  2. if some body can get contact with Diddy or close to him, please you should tell him immediatly that plan to offers one million $ to this Mango keyna familly,don't give them one $ , it will be a bad exemple. I know very well the mentality of most african people, some the don't have dignity, you will see over millions scrupuless familly like Terry Mango will open their Buisiness START UP whith this bad modell publicity , and i think the worst number will come in the next step. I beg everybody to advice Diddy (p.Daddy)
    to stopp this deal , so that he will not open this PANDORE BOXE , i dont want him to
    make a promotion of mediocrity or to sponsor bad attitude, nonsens, bad behavior, stuppidity and ignonrance, thank you so much.

  3. Well, After all of this Drama you could say that people saying that this whole thing was racist are racist, because they connect the word monkey with the childs skincolour.

  4. Good for him 🙂 Screw H&M we aren't playing with you racist anymore. Everytime it happens we will take our 3 trillion dollar spending power elsewhere.

  5. Smh.. why don’t they hate on the parents for allowing their son to put the sweater on. So stupid to be mad at H&M.. black people want all the sorrow in the world asking for respect and praise. GET OVER IT..

  6. what the fuck. Are you fucking serious. Diddy is offering some model who chose to wear a hoodie because he was paid and no one told him not to do it. You're telling me that now they are gonna offer him a million dollars. Fuck off you dumb fuck.

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