Does ‘Yeezus’ Hold Up 5 Years Later? Ski Mask Plans XXXTentacion Charity Event

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, and Nadeska talked about Ski Mask the Slump God pledging to honor XXXTentacion’s legacy by continuing the charity this weekend that the fallen rapper had planned. Akademiks shared some of his own plans to donate to charities involving XXX in the future, as well. Later, the crew debated whether or not the projected album sales for Jay Z & Beyonce’s album are low, or if the Tidal factor played into it. Wayno then shared his thoughts on Jay Rock’s new album, before the crew dove into the 5-year-anniversary of Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ album and dropped their real thoughts on the album.

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42 thoughts on “Does ‘Yeezus’ Hold Up 5 Years Later? Ski Mask Plans XXXTentacion Charity Event

  1. Yeezus is for the main stream non mainstream people if they makes sense. There was already a wave of industrial experimental lyrically minimalist hip hop. Kanye just jumped on that train.

    Yeezus was not original in the sense that it created a new genre or pushed the genre, it was just the first big name to do it. I don’t even think it was particularly well made for what it is. Ye didn’t master and hone that sound. He gave it a try, it did okay and now Ye Stan’s think it’s another 808s.

    That industrial sound isn’t deep. It’s uncomfortable and most people just don’t want to listen to uncomfortable music.

  2. Wayno you’re a fucking idiot, you keep referencing Kanye’s $100 White Tee yet you wear off white which has a tiny screen print. It’s the quality of the cotton and the way it was made which is why the price is the way it is, just like how off white charges $300 for a simple screen print Tee

  3. I’m In It is harddddd as fuck!! This album is by no means trash, AK is a dickhead in its truest form and if I ever see him in person I’m gonna make it my duty to punch the shit out em

  4. New Slaves, Hold My Liqour, I'm In It, Blood on the Leaves, Guilt Trip, Bound 2….. Thats MORE than half the album. That's the best half. Trash is "Send it Up". The rest are aaite…. But not wack aaite. also brings up the average too.

  5. I’m a Stone Cold Nas AAAANNNDD Jay-Z fan best rappers ever for different reasons Nas the best lyricists/storyteller, Hov the best at insinuation and entendres and a lot of what he says goes over people’s head until like the 30th time you hear the song sometimes.

  6. I can't believe people sleep on that Yeezus album so hard. It was about 4 or 5 years too early in my opinion. If it would've came out over the past 18 months EVERYONE would be all over it.

    Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy 01/23/98 – 06/18/18

  7. yooo not feelin AK for this hes basically saying X is doing all his good deeds and charity work to be liked and to prove hes a good person, the way he talks about him seems like he knows jus as much as the average fan, and trying to make his opinions factual by tryna make them X words smh

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