Dolphins Owner Says His Players Will Stand for the Anthem, Then Walks It Back

Stephen Ross, buddies with Trump since his days in the USFL, said that none of his players will kneel during the national anthem next year. Then he changed his mind.

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28 thoughts on “Dolphins Owner Says His Players Will Stand for the Anthem, Then Walks It Back

  1. He actually made some good points. Kneeling objectively does alienate those who value patriotism and respect for the flag. You can’t convince people to consider your protest whilst disrespecting something they value. You shouldn’t discount everything he says because he criticised your beloved kneeling players, and supports your president.

  2. I know military people who think its disrespectful, so if you say its whatever trump says then how bout ask the majority of soldiers instead. And etaka you sjw commenting under anything you think goes against your views. Dont comment under my shit. No im not salty or a mass shooter sociopath, im just taking the opinions of some soldiers themselves.

  3. More proof that Freedom of Speech isn't allowed in America anymore/your job is threaten for it,that is like women or men allowing sexual harassment to keep their job NFL isn't right disgusting illuminati masonic bastard's will pay for this

  4. Just like with free-speech you could say anything you want but that doesn’t mean it’s ok so yeah you can kneel but don’t expect people to like it

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