Don Cannon Says Lil Uzi Vert Makes 700 Songs a Year

While on the C’mon Son podcast, Don Cannon had a fascinating talk with Ed Lover. The illuminating conversation touched on many subjects, including Lil Uzi Vert’s insane work ethic.

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39 thoughts on “Don Cannon Says Lil Uzi Vert Makes 700 Songs a Year

  1. 700 songs a year isn't even close to 6 or more songs a day. It rounds to 2 songs a day. Which is reasonable but if they mostly suck, that process must take forever.

  2. People argue that this is a an example of quantity over quality, but if you compare this work ethic and load to the amount of music that is actually released by him, I think it's safe to say we're only getting the best tracks he produces, he's churning out a large quantity of songs and in return we get the gems that are produced within that mass.

  3. If you can make 700 songs a year THAT MEANS YOUR TRASH. Like if your songs are average length and you're still able to make 700 songs a year that's a sign that you need to up the quality of your work. Is he working hard? Kinda. And the reason I say kinda is because his songs aren't intricate what so ever and they all say basically the same shit. Like 700 songs is insane so either the dude is WAY overhyping this number to make uzi seem to work hard or he is being legit but has hella ghost writers. But let's say uzi does make 700 songs a year by himself it doesn't matter if it's not quality

  4. But how many does his label let him drop he probably atleast 10 xo tour life popular songs that could come out already and all those snippets he use to drop almost a year ago haven’t came out yet. Uzi fans like myself been struggling to have to wait for those full songs of those snippets to come out like dirty Diana and other stuff. We shouldn’t have to wait that long for songs like we did for mood when the label should already know that the fans are rocking with the snippet so why not drop the song.🤔

  5. Y’all want uzi to release all of songs ? Relax ppl he gonna release the songs get off his dick. I’m a huge fan of lil uzi vert and y’all sitting here calling this man trash ? Look wat your doing …… shit. All y’all lame asf.

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