Donald Trump Goes After LeBron James and Don Lemon by Insulting Their Intelligence

Donald Trump took to Twitter late on Friday night to insult the intelligence of both Don Lemon and LeBron James.

The tweet from Trump, which many on social media have pointed out has racial undertones, comes on the heels of the newly minted member of the Los Angeles Lakers criticizing the reality television star during an interview with Don Lemon on CNN. LeBron was on the network to discuss his recently opened I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

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45 thoughts on “Donald Trump Goes After LeBron James and Don Lemon by Insulting Their Intelligence

  1. I think LeBron is just mad that there is no more Obama in the White House LeBron and liberals look at everything as in race that's their problem they classify people all the time they're the racists. Trump just wants Law and Order and they Politicize it!

  2. Wow what a horrible misleading fake ass news story this is by Complex… what a one-sided, leftist, fake news story… Ladies and gents that’s your news. One sided, biased, race baiting, and untruths. Complex Magazine. Can’t wait to see you close down

  3. Both Don lemon, and Lebron James are racist bigots. They left out the fact that Colin Kapernick started this whole flag thing, not trump. Don lemon also left out the fact that African American employment is at it's best in decades. Overall employment, so far, has been great for everybody. In Obamas 2nd term African unemployment was at it's highest ever. These facts are always left out by so called CNN analysts.

  4. Let's clear up a few things here. Lebron tweeted in 2017 "U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!"  Trump had nothing to do w/sports fans reacting to Colin K or Stephen C. He wasn't even in the picture when Americans who where horrified at their disrespect of our country's anthem and flag when they have had relatives DIE to protect THEM, acted accordingly in DEFENSE of this nation. We DON'T need football and basketball, but we DO need our beloved nation. Maybe it's not their nation but it is ours and when you trash it, you get rejected. Trump is first and foremost an American, and has the RIGHT to defend the anthem, flag from anti-American Haters as much as any patriotic American.  Secondly, it wasn't Trump using Sports to divide the nation, it's the PLAYERS who insult Americans and their country, and then try to blame it on Trump! THEY'RE who has used sports to divide the country. Lastly, Lebron says that Trump administration is moving the country back toward slavery and Jim Crow. I got news for you, Lebron. Your beloved Democratic Party was the Party of SLAVERY, KKK AND PASSED ALL JIM CROW LAWS! Republicans had nothing to do w/racist abuse. Republican Party formed in 1854 to ABOLISH SLAVERY, which first Republican president Lincoln did…and how did Dems respond after their slaves were freed and given equal/voting rights? Why they formed the KKK of course! To intimidate new black voters from voting Republican, since all blacks at that time were Republican. Quoting Frederick Douglass: "I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress."  The 1868 Democratic Nat'l Convention was held at Tammany hall in New York City between July 4, and July 9, 1868. The slogan for the 1868 Democratic National Convention was, "This is a White Man's Country, Let White Men Rule". All Confederate statues torn down are STATUES OF DEMOCRATS! Confederate flag flown by Democrats during Civil War. This is historical TRUTH.  Amazing, successful Americans like Alveda King, Dr. Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, Pastors Mark Burns and Darrell Scott, Kanye West and Candace Owens all seem to know something Lebron and Lemon don't.  The Truth.

  5. Leave it to the left to call the race card “racial overtones” their skin color has nothing to do with their intelligence or lack of but they will throw anything they possibly can at him

  6. That’s racist that’s racist that’s racist!!!! All these cry baby liberals mad cuz trump burned em 😂. Trump ain’t racist and he had a point. And I’m black so fuck outta here with that race bating

  7. I gotta so "so what" on this one….everyone has been giving trump a pass for all the outrageous things he's said and done….it's time to stop paying attention to him,i didn't vote for anyways.

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