Donald Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Doesn’t Actually Exist

Donald Trump is opening 2018 with another nuclear threat against North Korea. To bring in the new year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that his country would defy U.N. sanctions and would be “mass producing” nuclear warheads. He also added that he even had a nuclear button on his desk.

Instead of trying to assuage nuclear tensions, Donald Trump tweeted that he, too, has a nuclear button on his desk. Furthermore, his is “a much bigger & more powerful one.”

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45 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Doesn’t Actually Exist

  1. Complex news needs to stick with what their good at.. music and fashion..the under 25 age group is the majority of complex and lets be real..What the fuck do they know. I don't support stupid..Thats just what this was. stupid.

  2. Man hillary supporters are actually really funny!!
    Do you really think there is a big button on the desk trump was just using it as a figure of speech
    HA! HA! HA!

  3. I'm so sick of world leaders starting wars then innocent people die. Why can't the leaders of their country lace up their boots & fight along side their troops like old times?
    You know damn well while soldiers are loosing limbs over drops of oil the world leaders are in huge mansions living awesome while blood is being spilled.

  4. I wish I could thumbs down this video more than once, so much hate and stupidity. When Trump made that comment, it wasn't meant as a literal button but a figurative one, anyone with half a brain knows this and yet this dolt on video goes on saying that the button doesn't exist. Please stick to covering sneakers and music.

  5. Yeah no shit Donald doesn’t have Actual big ass red button and neither does Kim on their desk. What if they accidentally pressed the button, they would start WW3 at that very moment. But the past presidents have all had the HUGE nuclear launch code briefcase on them at all times, so figuratively he does have a bigger, stronger, and a button that actually works on his desk

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