Donda West’s Surgeon Restates His Innocence, Tells Kanye to Start ‘Dealing With the Facts’

Donda West’s surgeon warns Kanye not to “mistake kindness for weakness” in an open letter published on Monday.

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49 thoughts on “Donda West’s Surgeon Restates His Innocence, Tells Kanye to Start ‘Dealing With the Facts’

  1. From what I can tell, the surgeon is totally to blame. The way that guy acts is so unprofessional and not like a health care provider I have no doubt he is a crook. No surgeon would let a patient refuse post op care it is your duty to take care of them if she said no then you say no to the surgery it is your liability

  2. All surgery carries the risk of death. She took the risk and unfortunately was one of the small percentage of people who died. Deal with it.

  3. Kanye,,,, wantssss to…… use this guys FUCKING face for the album artwork? I thought I was done after I seen the cover for TLOP. If this album sucks I’m done defending Kanye. I’m so fucking done

  4. Kanyes cousin, a nurse, was supposed to take care of his aunt but HAD TO GO TO A BABY SHOWER! LEAVING DONDA WITHOUT CARE FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS! The surgeon is right, Kanye should put the photo of his cousin up. He's the one who killed her.
    Kanye just has so much guilt about all of this and its easier to blame the surgeon.

  5. Like Kanye said in one of his songs, if his mother never came to Hollywood she you would've never gotten that boob job, tummy tuck and plastic surgery. She felt the need to do so being in the most vain city in all of the world. Gotta have a certain look out in Hollywood and she clearly thought so too and thats why she got those procedures done to attain that look despite her having prior heart issues. Kanye has a ton of guilt and he's the one that paid for those surgeries and was on tour while she was under the knife. He shouldve been there for her and gotten her the best nurses his money can buy, not hire his cousin who left the mother the first day to attend a baby shower. Guilt is something else…

  6. Kanye West needs be the new black panther or spider man both died in infinity war , star lord , groot and doctor strange or even vision would be good roles for kanye as we need more black superheros and all them died to so we should reboot there characters

  7. I’m sorry if a surgeon operated on my mom and she died the next day. I don’t wanna hear explanations. I’m taking your head off. Even if you feel the blame shouldn’t be placed on you how are you gonna tell the man to deal with facts when you’re the one that operated on her

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