Dozens in Brooklyn Hospitalized After Using Synthetic Marijuana

At least 25 people have been hospitalized in Brooklyn after using synthetic marijuana, according to New York City’s WABC. Police say they received multiple calls on Saturday for people at the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle in Bed-Stuy after they consumed K2. The patients are expected to survive.

Currently no arrests have been made, but authorities are searching for the woman responsible for dealing the K2, a synthetic compound that mimics THC. The drug has kept police in New York and elsewhere on their toes, since it’s been linked to several deaths and dozens of overdoses over the years.

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48 thoughts on “Dozens in Brooklyn Hospitalized After Using Synthetic Marijuana

  1. Government mandated herb is the farthest thing from natural.. Fucking dumb pieces of shit.. Keep taking poison from Uncle Sam

    who introduced drugs.. Wasnt Ethnics.. We had cannabis..

  2. legalise drugs so people don‘t do these legal highs. Drug laws are literally killing people.

    Edit: +NO drugs don‘t kill people. Even heroin overdoses are mistly caused by people getting heroin that is stretched with fentanyl or other dangerous more potent more damaging substances.

  3. Hahaha these people are dumbfucks, nobody with a common sense would smoke synthetic "weed" but hey keep believing everything the government tells yall


    The totally inaccurate designation “synthetic marijuana” regarding products like "K2" or "Spice" is the product of prohibitionists deliberately mis-associating cannabis with a non related toxic substance.

    The products featured is this article contain random plant material sprayed with intoxicating toxic chemicals designed to fly under legal drug testing radar. They are not, and never have been cannabis. These synthetic smokable intoxicants are more fruit of the poison tree of cannabis prohibition!

    Legalize cannabis, and all this other toxic synthetic crud will go away in favor of pure nontoxic cannabis, regulated and taxed.

  5. Dispensary weed or popup shop if not that street marry Jane ain't worth it nomore…they can sale you anything nowadays because most people think they have the best weed until you see an smoke from the real shops an see the real thc levels on the weed your first thought what have I been smoking on fake marry because the dispensary have topshelf all the time an it tastes like it never been stepped on …😏👌 🍃#Realtalk #RealThcWeed #FuckTheHalfStepping

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