Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On American Racism, Joe Biden’s Agenda, Interracial Relationships + More

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33 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On American Racism, Joe Biden’s Agenda, Interracial Relationships + More

  1. Dr. Umar Is just another preacher. He's entertaining. But he sks for donations as often as church preachers ask to pass around a donation plate.

  2. Pro black speakers are out of date. We don't need leaders we need to lead ourselves. African shirts aren't gonna make you any more connected to Africa then mexicans. Buying property in africa will make you fill at home. Slavery who thinks of slavery in 2021 I'm sick of hearing this stupid slavery crap ItS oVeR ItS bEeN over DuDe.

  3. I want what he smoking lol all I hear is excuses and crying ABOUT (BLACK PEOPLE).. Smh yall create y'alls own missary yall kill each other then cry about it Then yall Marchand scream BLM 😂 in reality they only matter to the ones that want change.. I love some black people but not all yall need to really think that it's not white folks that's racist it's not asians who are racist its yall that are stuck in that character always in competition with each other yall need to first stop killing each other then maybe just maybe yall will get the chance to survive for the next 100years 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. In the year 1970 in NYC there were over 200 unarmed persons killed by police. The average for the last 5 years in NYC there has been less than 1 unarmed persons killed by cops per year. I don’t see how we can equate today with Jim Crow and the other past eras…..

  5. I would marry this black king if he would let me wear my frontals and wigs 💀 This level of intelligence is so sexy. He ain’t got no kids to pass this to. No wife to follow after he’s gone. It’s so upsetting 🥲

  6. Democrats know that they don’t have to do ish for the black vote. Dr. Johnson is absolutely right, black people need to hold democrats accountable. They need to earn the vote. I didn’t vote for the Biden/Kamala ticket. I became independent in this election bc Biden is just as racist as Trump is and Kamala doesn’t see herself as black…and yes, the black caucus is very useless!! Good show!!

  7. I Agree with most of what you are saying. I do not feel that it's safe to be back in school due to there's no way we can be six feet apart. Those meds that's being given to kids is no good at all. FACT it doesn't work at all kids still act up. Coming From A Mother God Bless All of Us Amen Amen. Thank You Dr Umar

  8. Extreme in anything is off balance and historically, wrong.Where there's no balance, there's no harmony, no peace.
    Though we all may not understand the laws of cause and effect, we all know that we reap what we sow.

    Race is a mind $#!@ …. just like politics…it's all divide and conquer…at the end of the day..all of these ideas and positions that we take,economically funnels into the hands of those pulling the strings…giving the platform and permission to promote and propagate "our" positions. All people on this planet are related, scientifically every male on this planet shares 1 y chromosome and we all came through a woman…we are all 1 family.
    Once we all face,accept and embrace that truth…we can put an end to all of the extremism…racism,classism,…isms..

  9. I was born and raised in Georgia and it's not a blue state. That bill is long overdue. I hate race-baiting. Black people, we have to realize that classism is the new racism. Let's get out of our feelings and come together. I know it's wishful thinking but it needs to be stated.

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