35 thoughts on “Drake 35000 Sq ft mansion may make him broke, akademiks tempts Nicki Minaj, ti and meek mill react

  1. I love this hating show my brother why you hate so much we love you man but you got to stop all the hate you hate on every but I bet you hate on the Sun I bet you you hate on the rain I bet you hate on breathing hate hate hate hate lol we love your show man in your content guaranteed you going to hate you hate on Grandma's too don't you lol are you a hater remind me Dave Chappelle Show remember when they had the haters award you going to get the top hater award

  2. πŸ˜‚ got me doing math this early Toronto is in the same climate zone as Buffalo NY the average home owner in that climate zone with standard radiant hot water heats spends about 120$ per 1000 sqft to heat in the winter and 100$ per thousand sqft to cool in the summer so even the used older less efficient equipment if the heat loss of the house is low because of the level of insulation he would spend less than 4000 to heat or cool a house of that size…. So at most it would cost him $42,000 a year if he did it straight up if you use geothermal it would cut that cost to a third approximately…Had to get in touch with my inner nerd on that 😭

  3. So sad how she can do a b/E n gt only 10 yrs, how mf sad our USA is , Cops shouldn't gt special treatment, m so sick of these law enforcement officials getting OFF, " No Justice ,No Peace ,Fax 😑We the people Nd 2 Take A Stand )))

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