Drake Accused of Stealing ‘Scary Hours’ EP Artwork

Drake released his ‘Scary Hours’ on Friday night. The project has been well-received by most of his fans, but one Houston producer has taken issue with the artwork Drake used for it. It appears as though the Toronto rapper may have stolen the idea for the artwork from a 2015 tour poster the producer put out.

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30 thoughts on “Drake Accused of Stealing ‘Scary Hours’ EP Artwork

  1. I don't understand why all of y'all wanna criticize Drake. Name a rapper or singer who don't have ghostwriters? No matter how talented or gifted you are, you always gotta get help from someone. Y'all just mad haters that are always trying to bring down other people. Drake is a good rapper, to me he is one of the greats, I don't care what any of you say.

  2. you see art can never be confined to one person. Whether it's physical art or musical art. It's continuously recycled as when someone visualizes something they like, and they have ability to recreate it in their own unique sense, then that's art. Music is sampled every. fucking. day. Art is visualized and recreated every. fucking. day. When you share your art with others, you must accept that they can either like it, dislike it, like it to where they want to recreate it, or dislike it to where they give criticism.

  3. GOD DAMN. I'm tired of hearing that some rapper, especially Drake, has stolen some shit, *whether or not it's true*. Like I just don't care anymore. *Karma will bring someone down if they have done wrong*. But unless Drake admits to stealing some shit himself, I don't want to hear about no goddamn rumors, Complex. And ESPECIALLY DON'T MAKE A VIDEO about some stupid shit like this again.

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