Drake Airs Out Pusha T & Kanye – Is GOOD Music On the Clock?

On today’s episode of #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Wayno, and Nadeska break down everything surrounding the Drake and Pusha T beef. From the bars on Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle,” to when Pusha will respond, the crew goes deep on it all.

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33 thoughts on “Drake Airs Out Pusha T & Kanye – Is GOOD Music On the Clock?

  1. 4:01 I hate listening to people who talk like this. They constantly ask rhetorical questions because their not articulate to enough make a definitive statement. It's sad really, these are language skill that are supposed to be learned in grade school.

  2. What I like about this beef we actually give to see REAl RAP vs. FAKE RAP and a Real rapper vs. a commercial rapper. Let's go PUShA T eat this nigga up Drake don't go no bars he needs his ghost writer.

  3. Drake ain't ready for PUSHA T or Kanye's crazy ass PUSHA T is very lyrical and he is a battle rapper his freestyle is raw PUSHA T won this battle with the first diss GAME OVER for Drake.Drake is done!!!!!

  4. LOL sending an invoice isn't savage, let's just keep it super objective here. Messing up somebody's ADIDAS roll-out date is actually savage and all this psychological crap a few wks before your album release. just sayin'

  5. I told myself i wasn't gonna watch this crap after they screwed joey over and then star and i come back 53 seconds in and am already pissed off SMH

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