Drake Confirms He Has a Son on ‘Scorpion’

Drake’s double album, Scorpion, just released on Apple Music. In the album, he addresses his rumored son, revealed by Pusha-T on “The Story of Adidon,” on three notable tracks: “Emotionless,” “8 Out of 10,” and “March 14.”

On “Emotionless,” Drake raps, “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid.”

On “8 Out of 10,” he raps about him again, “Kiss my son on the forehead, then kiss your ass goodbye.

On the B side’s album closer, “March 14,” Drake is more open about his son, revealing when he heard the news that he wanted to create a stable environment for him, and more.

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37 thoughts on “Drake Confirms He Has a Son on ‘Scorpion’

  1. Drake took an L and this is coming from a fan who’s listened since So Far Gone. Drake won Jan-May but from here on until the rest of 18 he took an L. I think it’s finally happening everyone, his decline has begun. It’s time for Drake to push PND to the next level and to find his successor. Drake it’s time to take time off. Go to Adonis and come back 2020. I appreciate you giving us music but you need to push the OVO artists like Wayne did for you. Have a great tour but stay away from the studio and spend your time with your son. I’m sure you’ll give us a different perspective when you come back. Take Care

  2. Ummm, everybody don't HAVE to like the album cause DRAKESEXUALS do. Why niggaz keep acting as if nobody can have an opinion opposite of theirs? Or they call you a HATER if you don't agree with em. Just stop. We all like what we like. You gone MAKE me like lebronjames if I prefer mj, and if not, I'm a hater? The nerve of mfs. By that logic then, anybody in this game that you dislike, YOU'RE also hating then.

  3. Side B to #drake #Scorpion album was the real album. Side A was written after as a response to #pushat allegations. Smh. So the actual album was 🗑. Niggaz all over are calling this shit dumpster juice, #Lmao All I heard was "Stop picking on me guys, now I'm angry, I'm pro dad now that pusha exposed me, a bunch of samples and singing, a feature from mj and hov to help sell it, and instead of mentioning Pusha T, he sent subliminals to everybody who has a problem with hin, nothing direct tho. #mobties was basically saying instead of responding in a rap battle, I'll have my dad #jprince harm you and I got shooters to handle my rap beef for me. That's corny. It's #hiphop ,why you on that? How you let a man make you address everything but #blackface on your album instead of your 🎶? Lol. I had to listen to it twice, now it's ass to me. Plus, we don't knw that HE wrote the #bars on it. He'll forever have an asterisk next to his pen forever now. #facts💯💯💯 #imupset

  4. Good music did an excellent role out. But Drake brought MJ from the dead. Establish a decent response throughout the album. And he’s definitely one of the most consistent artist out there. The same can’t be said for pusher. 50+ platinum records a huge accomplishment in the rap game. Hate all you want. Drake runs this music shit. Just accept it.

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